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Nikolay Starostin

Nikolay Starostin (1902 – 1996) is a distinguished Soviet footballer and ice hockey player and the founder of Football Club “Spartak”. He is Champion of RSFSR and USSR, the winner of All-Soviet Union Spartakiada Games (1928, 1932) and the Final of the third Workers Olympics in Antwerpen and the tournament of World’s Fair in Paris (1937). He was also a forward in ball hockey (till 1938), in Moscow and RSFSR teams. He became Soviet Champion (1932, 1934), winner of World’s Workers Winter Spartakiada in Oslo (1928).

Nikolay Starostin and his brothers, their wives and several other footballers were arrested and convicted as political anti-Soviet criminals. During the exile he trained “Dinamo” in Uhtlag, in May 1945 he was transferred to Amurlag and became a coach in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. At the same time he worked at one of the plants of this town. In 1945 Nikolay Starostin was early released and lived in Krasnodar, Maikop, Ulyanovsk, Almaty, where he continued working as a coach of the local team “Dinamo”. In 1953 he returned to Moscow and in 1954 he was rehabilitated/

After the rehabilitation he continued his leadership sports work: as the team leader of “Spartak” (1955-1964, 1967-1975, 1977-1995), as Honorary President of International Sports and Physical Society “Spartak” (1991 - 1996), which bears the name of Starostin now.


Sculptor – A.Rukavishnikov