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Monument to mountaineers

The sculptural group is considered the pinnacle of creative works and embodiment of unique personal experience of the sculptor Yevgeniy Abalakov, an honored master of sports and mountaineer. It is without equal in the Soviet art. It is a perfect blending of the unrivalled alpine mastership and sophisticated skills of an artist.

Yevgeniy Abalakov (17 February 1907 – 24 March 1948), an outstanding Soviet sculptor and mountaineer, an honoured master of sports and mountaineering, was born in Krasnoyarsk in a Cossak family.

He was the first to climb Stalin Peak in 1933 (renamed Communism Peak in 1962 and in 1998 renamed Ismail Samani). He was the only one from a brigade of stormtroopers of the 1933 Pamir-Tajik expedition who managed to reach the mountain peak of 24,590 feet high. Abalakov in the course of his lifetime mounted not less than fifty peaks, carried out researches, discovered and plotted the Pamir and Tein Shan mountain ridges and glaciers on the maps.

His passion for mountains, for discovering the unfathomed was coupled with his talent of an artist.

In 1932, he graduated from the V. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, created a number of pictures and sculptures. One of the most well-known sculptures is a sculpture group Alpinist and Femail Alpinist established in Luzhniki. Another sculpture The Alpinists located in Yevpatoriya took the highest award at the All-Union Art Exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Lenin Kommunist Youth Union. The monument to Vladimir Lenin in the city of Kerch authored by Abalakov was demolished by the fascists in 1941.

During the Great Patriotic War Yevgeniy Abalakov went off to war as a volunteer, participated  in the Battle for Moscow, defensive operations in the Caucasus, tutored at the School of Military Alpinism. In 1944, he was the leader of the climbing mission guiding the military units in the mountain of Kazbek.

One of the Pamir's peaks, 21,148 feet high, and a number of Tien Shan's peaks are named after Yevgeniy Abalakov. There is also the Abalakov Gorge in the Kommunar Cliff. In the Takmak Rock there is the Abalakov Circus.


Sculptor Yevgeniy Abalakov