• 50 500 m²
    total area
  • 3
    for water sports
  • 9
    water slides
  • 1120 m²
    total area of the thermal and wellness complex

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The new water complex was opened after reconstruction in November 2019. It became one more attraction point of the country's main sports park, the Olympic complex “Luzhniki”. The total area of ​​the water complex is more than 50 thousand sq.m. It consist of 6 levels, the various services of which allows visitors to spend a full day here, saturated with water activities.

The swimming pool is one of the largest in the country, was put into operation when the “Luzhniki” stadium opened in 1956.

The total area of ​​the building with the old swimming pool was 19.7 thousand sq.m.

Its grandstands capacity was for about 13 thousand people.

The complex had four pools, two of which were outdoor. The size of one of them were 50x25 m, depth from 1.8 to 2.2 m and was intended for swimming and playing water polo; the size of the other were 25x22 m and a depth of 6 m, was intended for diving in from a 10 meter high tower and springboards.

For more than 40 years, from 1956 to 1991, water sports competitions of the USSR people were held in that pool. In 1973, the pool hosted the water polo, diving and swimming competitions of Summer Universiade. The most important in the history of the swimming pool was the Olympic Games. In 1980, the USSR national water polo team won gold medals here.

In 2014 the pool was closed for renovation.

The reconstruction project was based on a modern interpretation of the architectural traditions of the 50s in the 21st century. This gave the possibility to make out the reconstruction of the building using the most advanced technologies and solutions, while maintaining its recognisability and without violating the unity of the whole “Luzhniki” sport complex. In particular, during the reconstruction of the building, such authentic and cited elements as the bas-relief and the colonnade were recreated.

The renewed “Luzhniki” swimming pool became the first multifunctional swimming centre in Russia and has become the main venue for sport and family holiday in Moscow.

Water complex "Luzhniki" is the first project of this level and large-scale in Russia.

from sportivnaya metro station