“Luzhniki” are proud of their history, keeping the memory of the great athletes of our country and the events that took place at the arenas of the sport complex. While walking around the “Luzhniki” sport park, you can immerse yourself into the special atmosphere woven from the historical heritage and the new, modern look of the sport complex. There are sculptures and monuments of legendary athletes throughout the complex, unique restored historical fountains of the 50s, artefacts from the 1980s Olympics and new art objects.

One of the most beautiful avenues in "Luzhniki" was named the Walk of Fame. Monuments of legendary athletes have been installed there: Nikolay Starostin, Lev Yashin, Eduard Streltsov, Valery Kharlamov. The Olympic flame bowl and a sculpture of a bronze Olympic Bear are present at the Walk of Fame. A chapel was built on the embankment of the Moscow river, where the icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God is located. The Tikhvin Church, which were located close to the current building of the Big sports arena, was destroyed in 50s.

date of installation 2010