• 36 000 m²
    constriction area
  • 14
    indoor HARD courts
  • 7
    outdoor CLAY courts

“Luzhniki” tennis club will become a unique and largest tennis centre in Europe.

The club will have 21 courts, 14 of which will be indoor, designed for year-round use. Also, there will be areas for other sports: badminton, squash, table tennis, paddle tennis. The tennis club building is designed in the form of a trapezoidal prism. The entire space of the building is divided into 4 parts in accordance with functional content.

Completion of construction of the Tennis club is scheduled at the 2nd quarter of 2021

Object features

- Atypical architectural solutions: stained-glass windows with silk-screen printing, inclined stained-glass windows create a unique architectural image of the object, will give feeling of playing tennis outdoor and allow to watch the game from the adjacent area. This architectural solution is used at such facilities for the first time.

- Availability of all necessary sports infrastructure:

- Allowing to implement training programs for athletes and amateurs, programs for recovery from injuries, including specialised tennis injuries, and prevention of possible injuries.

- Compliant with modern trends and advanced solutions in fitness and healthy lifestyle industry.

- Applicable for conducting certified seminars and training coaches from Moscow and Russian Federation.

 -Equipment for tennis courts, unique for Moscow and Russian Federation, with the PlaySight video-analytical system with interactive coaching tools and the possibility of video analysis of the game.

- Modern technical solutions:

- Multiple sport lighting modes for tennis courts.

- Flexible room climate control system.

- Stained-glass sun protection, self-adjusting depending on the intensity of sunlight.

- Equipment for events video broadcasting with the ability to connect live broadcast.

- Auto Club and CRM system:

- Instead of card Club member is issued a bracelet that allows him to independently pass identification at the entrance to the club and exit, as well as for access to various halls, use of lockers and changing rooms. Bracelet is connected to the client's personal account, it allows you to log in and use personal programs on the simulators and is an electronic wallet for convenient and quick payment for additional club services.

- Club management is carried out through a single CRM system that unites both customers and club employees, which allows you to quickly track the current situation, the number of customers in various zones, booking for training, demand for additional services, and more.

from sportivnaya metro station