There is a dedicated 3 kilometre long running track on Luzhniki embankment with a special high technology surface, the same as used at all Olympic stadiums around the world.

The rubberised surface provides cushioning while running and minimises the risk of injury.

For the athlete’s convenience there are changing rooms at the Northern sports centre, where you can change clothes and leave your things in storage for an additional fee.

Running tracks at Northern and Southern sports centre.

You can rent 8 athletic tracks at Northern or Southern sports centre territory. They are used by professional sportsmen to prepare for a high level competitions.

Sportsmens of the 2013 World Athletics Championship in Luzhniki were warming up on those tracks. Various amateur competitions are also held here.


“Moscow marathon” competitions takes place at the territory of “Luzhniki” complex every year, including the main one, 42 kilometre race.