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“Luzhniki” is the main sports complex in Russia, straight away after the end of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, invites everyone to dive into the fascinating world of football. As part of one excursion tour, we offer you to feel like a fan, VIP-guest, football player, coach and journalist - you can visit the most interesting places in the stadium that are usually inaccessible to fans during matches. Take a look into the team’s locker rooms, walk on the side-lines of the football field, sit on the bench, visit the press centre and skyboxes. Discover the world of football from a new perspective, through the eyes of all participants in the match!

You can stroll around the territory of the renovated sports park at “Luzhniki”, visit the Walk of Fame, where sculptural compositions are installed in honour of the legendary athletes - Lev Yashin, Eduard Streltsov, Valery Kharlamov, see the real Cup of the Olympic flame and rub the muzzle of a bronze Olympic bear for luck!

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