All conditions have been created for a comfortable tennis matches at the territory of the sport complex “Luzhniki”. For a leisure visits, you can rent a tennis court, and for training it is better to sign up for our tennis courses.


At the sport complex "Luzhniki" territory there are tennis courts with three types of surfaces - "hard", clay and artificial grass.

“Hard” surface consists of acrylic components and quartz sand. A court with this surface provides a quick bounce of the ball and is suitable for playing with high intensity.

Courts made of mixture of brick chips, clay and sand are more suitable for playing at a calm pace with a slow ball rebound.

Artificial grass courts are the best option for those who are taking their first steps in the development of tennis.

Additionally, you can rent indoor tennis courts and play all year round on a professional PVC floor.


The tennis course in Luzhniki offers tennis lessons for everyone. We train adults and children, prepare for amateur tournaments and work with professionals. Even if you have never held a racket in your hands, don't worry, we will teach you.

As soon as the big tennis course in Luzhniki resumes its work, the current training schedule will be published here.