Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace

  • 23 500 m²
    construction area
  • 4000 people

The rhythmic gymnastics centre was built in the form of a rectangular building with a roof in difficult wave shape, symbolising a gymnastic ribbon.

The centre includes:

 - arena for competitions in rhythmic gymnastics with spectator stands for 4,000 seats;

 - halls for training sessions, choreography and a gym;

 - medical rehabilitation centre and doping control rooms;

 - hotel for athletes (up to 115 person);

 - SPA centre;

 - rooms for media and VIP visitors;

 - catering establishments.

One-time throughput of the centre:

 - in training sessions mode - 150 trainees;

 - in competition mode - 250 athletes and 4,000 spectators;

 - when carrying out cultural events - 2,500 visitors.

The rhythmic gymnastics centre hosts competitions of the highest international level. It has become a training ground for future stars of Russian and world rhythmic gymnastics. For concert and entertainment events there is possibility of installing a prefab stage at the arena.

from sportivnaya metro station