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A popular Russian network of rope parks “PandaPark” in “Luzhniki” has 6 routes with different difficulty levels and altitude (from 1.5 to 9 m) for adults and children (from 110 cm in height).

For those who like experience at high altitude, there is suspended bridges, barrels, and netting crosses.

The park has a professional safety system, and experienced instructors work with visitors. In "PandaPark" you can not only do the exercises, but also celebrate a birthday, have a children's party, organise a corporate event or team building.

The rope park includes four difficulty levels:

1. Bright. A low altitude trail suitable for beginners. Its length is 60 m and consists of 10 obstacles.

2. Clever. This route also runs at low altitude, but the obstacles are more difficult here. Path length 72 m and 12 obstacles.

3. Cheerful. The route for young visitors runs at an altitude of almost 5 m. Its length is 66 m and the children will have to overcome 11 obstacles.

4. Brave. A challenging 66 m route for thrill seekers. There will also be 11 obstacles here.

5. Family. The name speaks of itself.  Length 66 m, 11 obstacles.

6. Unbeatable. This is a 66 m route for the most prepared visitors. 11 obstacles

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