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In the summer of 2019, a unique zip-line trolley route was launched at the “Luzhniki” sports complex.

The zip-line consists of two parallel steel ropes, where at the same time two visitors, using special rollers, descent from the start area to the finish line.

This is the first time such a project has been implemented. It combines high speed, environmentally friendly, safe, affordable and a unique experience. Both adults and children are able to use the route. No special training or skills required. But a weight limit: up to 120 kg.

For the descent along the route, all visitors are provided with special equipment. It includes harnesses and safety helmets similar to those used by climbers.

The project was developed with the participation of international experts. The safety of the descent is ensured by a multilevel safety system. Components and equipment for the route were created by world leaders in the field, including Petzl, Kong, Vento, and Head Rush. The Zip-line operator at “Luzhniki” is Zipline.Moscow.

The length of the route is 207 meters, which a passenger passes in 25 seconds at a speed of up to 40 km per hour. A start from the roof of the country's main stadium and the possibility of a parallel descent make the “Luzhniki” Zipline truly unique.

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