Regulations of conduct of visitors of the “Luzhniki” sports complex

I. General provisions

1.1. These rules establish the order of visits, and also determine the norms of behaviour of citizens (visitors) on the territory of the “Luzhniki” sports complex.

1.2. The provisions enshrined in these regulations are mandatory for all visitors. In case of violation of the provisions of these regulations, JSC “Luzhniki” (hereinafter referred to as the administration of the sports complex) reserves the right to refuse a visitor entry to the sports complex or remove visitor, whose actions create inconvenience or a threat to the safety of other guests, from the area.

1.3. Visitor must read these regulations before visiting the sports complex.

1.4. By visiting the sports complex, the visitor agrees with these regulations and takes responsibility to follow them.

II. The rights and obligations of visitors, as well as prohibitions applicable to visitors in the normal operating hours of the sports complex (when there is no public events)

2.1 Visitors of the sports complex have the right:

a) freely visit the territory of the sports complex during working hours from 6.00 to 23.00 except for the period of the special safety mode.

b) to use all the services provided by the sports complex, including the rental of sports areas.

c) go in for sports using publicly available equipment (running and cycling paths at the embankment, workout areas).

d) to visit children’s playgrounds.

e) driving on specially designated lanes/paths on bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller skates/skis.

f) to receive information about the services provided, about the location of infrastructure facilities, sports facilities, and the possibility of enrolling in sports sections.

2.2. Visitors to the sports complex must:

a) observe and maintain public order and generally accepted norms of behaviour, behave respectfully towards other visitors, service personnel, persons responsible for maintaining order at the territory of the sports complex, and prevent actions that endanger others.

b) care of your personal belongings while visiting the sports complex. The administration of the sports complex is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings of visitors.

c) in case of damage to property (including grounds) at the territory of the sports complex, the person who caused the damage is obliged to pay for the material damage in full. If the guilty person does not agree to pay for the damage caused, the administration of the sports complex reserves the right to collect the fine through court. Responsibility for damage caused is determined in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

d) do not leave young children unattended. Children (under the age of 7) are allowed to visit the sports complex accompanied by their parents or persons authorised by them. All responsibility for children visiting the territory of the sports complex lies with the persons accompanying them.

e) comply with the established speed limit and traffic rules on the territory of the sports complex.

f) inform the employees of the sports complex or employees of the security company about all cases of detection of things left unattended, including packages, bags, and other objects.

2.3. Visitors on the territory of the sports complex are prohibited from:

a) be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic, toxic and other intoxication, and/or commit other illegal actions, as well as in the form of offending human dignity and public morality.

b) driving motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, snowmobiles and other similar vehicles.

c) entering with pets of all kinds and (or) walking them (including the transit passage (drive in) of visitors with animals.

d) swimming in Moscow river or fountains located on the territory of the sports complex, sunbathing in places not designated for this.

e) walking on lawns, organising picnics, setting up tents, barbecues.

f) making fires, burning dry leaves, using fire-hazards and open fire.

g) pollution of the territory of the sports complex with construction waste, household, and other waste, creating a rubbish dump.

h) destruction and damage (including the inscriptions and drawings) of facades of buildings, pavilions, small architectural forms (bins, benches, sofas), sculptures and other structures.

i) unauthorised entry into pavilions, buildings, and other structures, including those in a state of conservation, reconstruction, or new construction.

j) the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) without obtaining official permission from the authorised bodies and coordination with the administration on time.

k) carrying out all types of economic, commercial and other activities at the territory of the sports complex without consent of the administration of the sports complex, including: distributing printed publications and materials; distribute, display or promote any advertisement/promotional materials, samples of goods or services, or any other type of product, trade, conduct massive commercial sporting events.

l) climb statues and fences.

m) place ads without permit, advertisements, advertising banners, install advertising structures.

n) to carry out unauthorised work and spectacular mass events (meetings, festivals, etc.) without consent of the administration of the sports complex.

o) break, dig, damage trees and bushes, damage lawns, pick and steal flowers from flower beds, carry out unauthorised excavations and other exploration work.

p) climb trees, hang swings, hammocks, ropes, etc..

q) in accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law of February 23, 2013 № 15-FL "On protecting the health of citizens from exposure of tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption", smoking is prohibited throughout the sports complex.

2.4 It is prohibited to carry following things to the territory of sports complex:

a) weapons of any type, including self-defence, and ammunition, piercing or cutting objects, other items that can be used as weapons, explosive, poisonous and pungent-smelling substances, radioactive materials.

b) flammable and pyrotechnic substances or products (with the exception of matches, pocket lighters), including signal flares, firecrackers, gas cylinders and objects (chemical materials) that can be used to make pyrotechnic products or smoke.

c) other substances, objects, products, including homemade ones, the use of which can lead to smoke, ignition.

d) devices and products, including homemade ones, that are not pyrotechnics, used for scattering, spraying various materials and substances (pneumatic clappers).

e) dyes.

f) wind devices for producing sounds (including vuvuzelas), except horns and fife.

g) alcoholic beverages of any kind, narcotic and toxic substances, or stimulants.

h) propaganda materials of an extremist nature or containing Nazi attributes or symbols or attributes or symbols of extremist organisations.

i) carry out illegal trade, distribute in any way products of a political, religious, and racist nature (including posters, leaflets, booklets).

j) other items that looks like prohibited items or their copies and analogues, and which may harm the health of guests, damage property or interfere with the normal operation of the sports complex.

2.5 Order of photo/video shooting on the territory:

a) visitors understands and agree that their photo and/or video image obtained during a visit to the sports complex can be published and used by the administration of the sports complex by displaying video, broadcasting live or in recording, broadcasting or recording in another way, using photos or other existing information technologies and/or technologies that will exist in the future, as well as transfer to third parties.

b) images and videos taken by the visitor during the visit may only be used for private home use. Video filming can only be done using household video cameras without a tripod. Visitor cannot use video recordings for commercial purposes under any circumstances, on the Internet or otherwise, provide them to third parties for commercial purposes.

c) using images of any objects of the sports complex, obtained during photo or video shooting, for commercial purposes is possible only on the basis of an agreement concluded with JSC “Luzhniki”.

III. Additional obligations and restrictions applicable to spectators during official sports events (based on the requirements of the RF Government Decree of 16.12.2013 No. 1156 "On Approval of the Rules of Spectator Conduct during Official Sports Events".

3.1 Visitors, spectators and other participants of a mass event must:

a) observe and maintain public order and generally accepted norms of behaviour, behave respectfully towards other visitors and participants of public events, service employees, persons responsible for maintaining order at a mass event, do not use obscene speech, do not allow actions, threatening others.

b) present to representatives of the administration of the venue of the event and to police officers tickets or documents that give the right to enter a mass event, as well as a permit for entry of vehicles in to the territory of the venue of a mass event, if this is provided by the procedure of its holding, and take the places specified in purchased tickets or documents instead of them.

c) comply the legal requirements of authorised persons who inspect event visitors using special equipment, for which visitors should present their things for inspection, not to interfere with identification by using masks, hoods, or other items hiding the face.

d) hand over to the storage room oversized (exceeding 40 × 40 × 45 cm) and things prohibited to be carried to the event (except for weapons, flammable, explosive, poison, and radioactive substances).

e) comply with the legal orders of employees of the administration of the facilities of the mass event and police officers.

f) inform the administration of the facility and police officers immediately about cases of detecting suspicious objects, things, taking people hostage and about all cases of smoke or fire.

g) upon receipt of information about the evacuation, act in accordance with the instructions of the administration of the facility and police officers who are responsible for ensuring law and order, keeping calm and not getting panic.

3.2. Visitors, spectators, and other participants in an official sporting event are additionally prohibited:

a) carry out actions that threaten their own safety, life, health, as well as the safety, life, health of other persons who are at the venue of the official sports competition or at the territory adjacent to it.

b) throw things in the direction of other spectators, participants at official sports competitions and other persons who are at the venue of the official sports competition or at the adjacent territory.

c) offend other persons (including with the use of banners, posters and other thins of visual agitation) and perform other actions defaming honour, dignity or business reputation or aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliating the dignity of a person or group of  people based on gender, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion.

d) hide their faces, including the use of masks, except cases specially established by the sponsor of an official sports competition, as well as means of disguise and other items specially designed to prevent identification.

e) violate public morality and norms of behaviour by exposing intimate parts of the body while at the venues of official sports competitions.

f) enter the venue of the official sports competition or the territory adjacent to it, and in to the areas not indicated in the admission ticket or in the document instead of it (technical rooms, areas for guests of honour, places intended to accommodate representatives of the media ), access to which is limited by the sponsor of the official sports competition and (or) the owner (user) of the sports facility;

g) be on the stairs during the official sports competition, interfere with traffic in the areas of the official sports competitions intended for evacuation, including in the aisles, exits and entrances (main and emergency).

h) apply inscriptions and drawings on structures, buildings, constructions located in the venues of official sports competitions, as well as place foreign objects near them without the appropriate permission of the sponsors of the official sports competition or the owners (users) of sports facilities;

i) hold public events not provided by the regulations (rules) of the official sports competition.

j) carry out illegal trade (including the sale of entrance tickets or documents instead of them), distribute things of a political, religious, and racist nature in any way (including posters, leaflets, booklets).

IV.  Visitors pass organisation.

4.1. In order to implement anti-terrorist security and ensure the safety of visitors to the sports complex, when entering the territory at checkpoints on a daily basis, visitors are required to present things they have with them (bags, backpacks, briefcases, etc.) to the security officers for inspection. Visitors who refuse to present their belongings for inspection are not allowed on the territory of the sports complex.

4.2. During the period of mass events on the territory of the sports complex, at the checkpoints where the entrance to the event is, visitors and their belongings are examined be using technical equipment (arch metal detector, hand-held metal detector, Introscope).

4.3. In case if visitors will refuse to undergo inspection, the visitor is not allowed to the place of the mass event.

V. Final conditions

5.1. Persons who refuse to comply with these regulations are not allowed or will be removed from the territory of the “Luzhniki” sports complex.

5.2. Control over compliance with the requirements of these regulations is carried out by employees of the sports complex, as well as employees of the involved security company. In case if the visitors refuse to comply with these regulations, as well as non-compliance with the legal requirements of the administration of the sports complex and/or security to terminate actions that contribute to the violation of these regulations, the administration of the sports complex and/or security have the right to call the police officers to apply administrative act against the violators.

5.3. The sports complex is not responsible for injuries, deterioration of health and accidents which visitors might get by the violation of these regulations, refuse to comply with safety measures and safety regulations.

5.4. The sports complex is not responsible for the lost or left unattended possession of visitors. In case of damage to the possession of visitors by third parties, the person who caused the damage is liable.

5.5. Sponsors of official sports competitions and (or) the owners (users) of sports facilities have the right to establish additional requirements that do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as these regulations.

5.6. The administration of the sports complex has the right to unilaterally supplement and change these regulations.